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Signature Study and Autograph Examples for Lyndon B. Johnson

Authentication - The Lyndon B. Johnson signatures displayed on this website and in my publications have been personally analyzed to the best of my abilities through a process that blends accepted authentication methods with recognized scientific approach. A blend of methodologies I have termed as Forensic Philographic Typology™.  I hope to discuss this identification method at greater length in an upcoming publication. Briefly, the methodology aims to scrutinize bias and conjecture from analysis and make determinations of authenticity based on proven and verifiable signature patterns over time. Where there exists gaps in the signature record for known and verifiable signature types, the level of probability for authentication decrease. A methodology that is based on Probability and Proof.

The signature examples offered in this section and available by year through the buttons above are only a sample of the many Lyndon Johnson signatures written and found on various documents and photographs over time. It is important to realize that Lyndon Johnson employed numerous secretaries and aides throughout his career and many of these aides were authorized to sign for him from time to time. Then in 1957 the Autopen machine was approved and added to the Congressional budget for purchase and for use by Congressman and Senators. As stated on the HOME page, these scenarios create a challenge to identifying authentic Johnson signatures versus those made by a secretary or by a  machine. It is for these reasons and more I have devoted this site and my publications to identifying these various signature patterns.

FURTHER - It is NOT my intent to be comprehensive on the subject on this website. For a more comprehensive review of the subject and additional signatures for comparison, I must recommend the purchase of my LBJ Signature Study Book available through this website and through various booksellers.

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